Planning for Uncertainty | World’s Best Cities
Planning for Uncertainty
WRLDCTY 2021: world

As cities continue to navigate a world of uncertainty, how can urban planners, designers, developers and decision-makers best shape cities to serve their respective communities? Join Laura Crescimano, Principal and co-founder of SITELAB urban studio, and Allison Arieff, Director of Communications for urban technology platform Replica, in a discussion about the future of placemaking, and how approaching it from a place of collaboration and co-creation, as well as incorporating ecology, can influence a city’s overall well-being and ability to withstand times like these.

About The Speakers
Principal, SITELAB urban studio

Laura Crescimano is the Co-Founder and Principal of SITELAB urban studio. SITELAB urban studio operates at the intersection of analysis and inspiration, with projects ranging from strategic planning and programming to urban design and design interventions.

Director of Communications, Replica

Allison Arieff is Director of Communications for the urban technology platform Replica. An American writer and editor, she was, most recently, Senior Editor of City Monitor – The New Statesman. She was previously editorial director for the urban planning and policy think tank, SPUR.