A Parametric Process for Place(b)aking | World’s Best Cities
A Parametric Process for Place(b)aking
WRLDCTY 2021: world

Parametric modeling is like baking, in that it is imperative that we get the ingredients (data) and recipe (logic) correct. Data and parametric modeling allow for the efficient and effective use of the vast amounts of data being collected across sectors and agencies. Join this session to see an example of the recipes we have created for projects spanning both disciplines and scales, including housing master plans, transit plans, TOD, architecture and 15-minute cities.

About The Speakers
Architect & Parametric Design Lead, IBI Group

Jason King is an architect, urban planner and programmer who leads IBI’s global computational design team. Drawing on two decades of architecture and planning experience, Mr. King possesses a unique skill for crafting algorithmic, evidenced-based solutions for complex urban problems.