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Best Cities is the home of Resonance Consultancy’s exclusive ranking of the world’s top urban destinations.

Cities are our collective future, and our goal is to make Best Cities the world’s most credible source of city performance.

We feel that cities, their residents, investors and visitors need objective rankings, not just surveys, and Best Cities offers exactly that—a holistic approach that shows which factors really makes cities attractive as places to live, work and play. (More about our proprietary methodology here.)

The result is a ranking that we think can help inform important decisions for cities and those who love them. Bloomberg calls Best Cities “the most comprehensive city ranking on the planet,” and the world’s media faithfully report the standings every year, with more than 1,500 stories in 2020 alone.

We thank you for being part of Best Cities and invite you to study and download the rankings to see where your city excels and where its challenges lie. Informed citizens and decision-makers build better cities.

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