Adapting Cities to Become Better Destinations to Visit, Study + Work | World’s Best Cities
Adapting Cities to Become Better Destinations to Visit, Study + Work
WRLDCTY 2021: buenosaires

The pandemic has had a profound impact on global cities whose reactivation depends to a large extent in the so-called “Visitor economy”. To increase their competitiveness, cities are adapting and redesigning their international positioning strategies, incorporating new attributes to project sustainability, the use of public space, safety, and preparedness as a response to the new social demands. In the near future, those assets will determine cities’ attractiveness as urban destinations to visit, study and work.

About The Speakers
Secretary of Urban Development, City of Buenos Aires

Álvaro, Urban Planner and Architect, is Secretary of Urban Development of the City of Buenos Aires. Leader for innovation in sustainable urban development (School of Design, Harvard University), a permanent member of the Jury of the School of Architecture (University of Illinois) and visitor fellow of the Latin American Observatory (The New School).

Secretary-General and Foreign Affairs, City of Buenos Aires

Fernando is the Secretary-General and Foreign Affairs of the City of Buenos Aires. He is one of the founders and former Executive Director (2010-2016) of CIPPEC, the top think tank in Argentina and widely recognized in Latin America. His areas of expertise include good governance, public sector reform and civil society. He has 20 years of experience that combine both regional and international positions with a committed activity in the Argentine public policy field.

Architect & Founding Partner, PALO Architecture

Emiliano is an architect and urban planner and the Founding partner of the international architecture and urban design firm PALO Architecture. He is passionate about cities and dedicates part of his time to studying the development and future of public space in urban centers. He has worked on national and international projects in the Americas and Europe focused on smart cities, mobility, and public space. In 2021, Emiliano founded UIO Urban Innovation Office, an architecture, urban design consulting, innovation and technology firm based in Boise, Idaho.