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The New Geography of Cities
WRLDCTY 2021: london

NLA brings together urban thinkers and place shapers for a discussion about how cities are changing as a result of the pandemic. NLA has long documented and illustrated London’s evolution as a polycentric city – a “city of villages” where many areas exhibit the characteristics of Carlos Moreno’s ville de quart d’heure. This make-up of London has been highlighted during the global pandemic, with Londoners spending more time at home, and many rediscovering their local neighbourhoods, parks and facilities. Yet at the same time, this has also placed great strain on London’s Central Activity Zone (CAZ). The way citizens interact with their local town and community, as well as their relationship to the central business district, has fundamentally shifted. So how are cities responding? How might we experience the city in the future? Is London’s polycentrity the key to its resilience and future success?

About The Speakers
OBE-Curator-in-Chief, NLA

Peter Murray is Curator-in-Chief of New London Architecture (NLA). He trained as an architect but has spent most of his career writing about and commenting on architecture rather than practising it.

Masterplan Strategist, Euston Project, Lendlease

Kat joined Lendlease in 2019 as masterplan strategist for the 60 acre Euston over-site development. Kat has authored a number of reports and articles on urban development in London and regularly appears as a commentator on urban affairs across a range of publications, media, and events.

Director, LSE London

Tony Travers is director of LSE London, a research centre at the London School of Economics. He is also a professor in the LSE’s Government Department. His key research interests include public finance, local/ regional government and London government.

Chair, Bartlett Real Estate Institute

Yolande has studied and commented on UK real estate markets for over 30 years and on world cities and global real estate trends for the last 11 years. Yolande’s particular specialties in the past have been residential markets, regeneration, land, urbanism and mixed-use neighbourhoods.