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Visions of a Post-Pandemic City
WRLDCTY 2021: newyork

In the wake of the pandemic, its lesson has been to demonstrate that any ‘new normal’ must emphasize a new way of understanding our communities—new considerations of urban space, of needs, of opportunities. Join the architect of the Domino Sugar Factory, Sunnyside and other NYC innovations in a conversation about the possible.

About The Speakers
Architect and Author

Vishaan Chakrabarti is an architect and author. He is the founder of Practice for Architecture and Urbanism. In 2018 he was named a fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Chakrabarti served under Mayor Bloomberg as the director of planning for Manhattan in the aftermath of 9/11.

Senior Vice President & Metro New York Executive, AECOM

As a champion of design excellence, resiliency, and the integration of advanced digital solutions, Tom is responsible for strategic growth and profitability in the Transportation, Water and Wastewater, Program and Project Management, and Buildings + Places groups in New York and New Jersey.