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Wild Cities
WRLDCTY 2021: london

Wilding has become a catchall for everything from improving access to nature to reintroducing wildlife. Hear about the challenges of designing for non-human neighbors in cities and how getting people to become a little ‘wild’ themselves can help cities become happier and healthier.

About The Speakers
Founding Partner & Creative Director, Umbrellium

With a specialty in networked urban environments, interactive architecture & community activation, Usman Haque has designed & built all sorts of things: spaces, structures, systems, platforms, companies. Trained as an architect, Usman is founder and creative director of Umbrellium, a London-based design & build studio dedicated to transforming urban environments.

Bureau Chief and Co-founder, The Place Bureau

Rosanna Vitiello is a creative director with unparalleled international experience in envisioning cultural landscapes, destinations and urban districts. Described as scriptwriters for place, The Place Bureau’s strategic insight and collaborative placemaking re-imagines new frontiers for city-making, working in the spaces where nature and culture come together.