The Future of Retail: Spaces with Integrity | World’s Best Cities
The Future of Retail: Spaces with Integrity
WRLDCTY 2021: london

Simultaneous to the fast-paced evolution of spatial design—which becomes evermore intermeshed with technology, and informed by human movement—a massive change in retail is upon us and Accept & Proceed feel duty-bound to a future scope, asking, what are the opportunities in this shift? What role will retail space play in the future? How can we create spaces with integrity that truly support the communities they serve? And what’s the pay-off if we do?

About The Speakers
CEO, Accept & Proceed

David Johnston is the Founder and Creative Director of Accept & Proceed, the B Corp creative studio dedicated to amplifying the power of visionaries. David has worked with clients including Nike, Rapha, Google and NASA and is the host of A&P’s podcast series, Endless Vital Activity.

Author and Director of Brand Engagement, Stylus

Katie Baron is a British writer, strategist and futurist. She’s the director of the Retail & Brand Communications and Pop Culture & Media divisions of global foresight business Stylus, a senior Forbes columnist and has authored two books on visual culture – Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries and Fashion & Music: Fashion Creatives Shaping Pop Culture.