Flourish: Design Paradigms For Our Planetary Emergency | World’s Best Cities
Flourish: Design Paradigms For Our Planetary Emergency
WRLDCTY 2021: singapore

What will it take to restore balance to our world? How can we repair our devastated environments, and secure future generations’ survival? And what’s the key to unlock the mindset shift to enable truly regenerative transformation? A new book, Flourish, reaches beyond ‘sustainability’ to explore ‘regenerative’ practice, what it really means, and how we can get there together. Whether you’re a built environment professional or client, an activist or a policymaker, Flourish offers you an urgent invitation to inhabit a new array of possibilities. Join co-author Sarah Ichioka in conversation with Adib Jalal about how we can build a thriving future, together.

About The Speakers
Urbanist, Curator and Writer

Sarah Ichioka is the founding director of Desire Lines, a strategic consultancy for environmental, cultural, and social-impact organizations and initiatives. Her new book Flourish: Design Paradigms for our Planetary Emergency (2021), is co-authored with Michael Pawlyn.


Adib Jalal is an urbanist whose work involves building connections between people and place, and breaking down complex urban issues for discussion and action. He is the creator of Urban Ideas, a project to share and enable ideas for better cities and is currently an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD).