Tulsa | World’s Best Cities


Can a park bring a city into the 21st century? When Tulsa philanthropist George Kaiser decided to create the Gathering Place, he made no small plan, aiming for a space that would “bring together people throughout the Tulsa area to rediscover that we are all bound together by commonalities, especially the hopes and dreams we have for our families.” In short, Kaiser, one of the 100 wealthiest people in the world, wanted a park that would do nothing less than break down inequalities and attract and retain talent. So he invested $465 million into 66.5 acres. The result rocketed the former Oil Capital of the World into international headlines, and earned it every possible award, including a spot on Time magazine’s World’s Greatest Places list. Kaiser takes the long view. “A single new community commons cannot dramatically change the trajectory of a city by itself, of course. But so much else is also happening in Tulsa at the same time that we feel the Gathering Place can help serve as the catalyst for a more vibrant and dynamic city.”