Toledo | World’s Best Cities


Toledo’s penchant for city building and giving back has created institutions and cultural tapestry evocative of much larger cities. The Toledo Museum of Art’s $30-million Glass Pavilion celebrates the history of the city’s many local glassmakers. However this Ohio city near the western tip of Lake Erie has a thriving local economy that has diversified beyond its nickname. Toledo has long been a major player in the glass manufacturing business; Libbey has called the city home since 1888. But it has steadily diversified its economy to include several Fortune 500 companies, landing at #2 in this subcategory and #5 overall in our Prosperity category. “The Glass City,” as it’s affectionately known, boasts not only this world-class art museum but also an opera company, a ballet company and one of the country’s best zoos—all of which earn it a #25 ranking in our Culture subcategory. The eating isn’t too bad, either, with its #11 ranking for Restaurants in the nation among midsize cities.