Oxnard | World’s Best Cities


Oxnard, sandwiched between more famous Malibu and Santa Barbara, is an increasingly poorly kept secret. This California city has too much going for it to stay under the radar. Its gorgeous weather ranks #2 among U.S. midsize cities, and its direct access to beaches and the coast range mountains give it a #11 ranking for Parks & Outdoors. The city’s diversified economy, including agriculture, oil, shipping, and business and financial services, makes Oxnard a magnet for both high-income households (#2) and foreign-born residents (#6), giving the city a #4 rank overall in our vital People category. Port Hueneme, right next door, is the only major navigable port in California between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay. For the few people who don’t like boating or beaches, Oxnard boasts not one but two automotive museums (this is California, afterall), as well as the Heritage Square historic district, a unique collection of century-old Craftsman and Victorian homes.