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New Haven

Long known as Elm City, New Haven prides itself on its tree-lined streets and charming historic homes, with a #18 rank for Neighborhoods among America’s midsize cities. Cost of living is higher than elsewhere, as is crime, but most residents say they wouldn’t trade the bustle of students, workers, and tourists for the diversity and vibrancy it brings. The town also boasts Yale University, which has educated many of the country’s best and brightest; it’s also the cultural and economic center of this leafy city, whose residents take full advantage of all the resources on offer in a capital of power and prestige. Yale earns New Haven a #1 ranking for University, and about 35% of adult residents have at least a bachelor’s degree, earning New Haven a solid #15 rank for Educational Attainment. Yale (including its medical center) is also the city’s largest employer and largest taxpayer, making this effectively a company town. Yale’s world-class museums and picturesque gothic campus—it could easily stand in for Hogwarts—might be enough of a draw for visitors, but the rest of historic New Haven is also beguiling to visitors and new residents.