McAllen | World’s Best Cities


A border city with a strong automotive industry, McAllen has seen a recent economic bump with the ratification of the USMCA trade deal. The metro area hosts 42 automotive suppliers employing 40,000 people, mostly high-skill workers. McAllen has recently focused on attracting companies from across the border, and saw a major success with the opening of a new facility for the Mexican manufacturing company, Tetakawi. This diverse city ranks #1 in foreign-born population, attracting residents from near and far due to its strong manufacturing economy. Others come for the quality of life. McAllen ranks #11 in our Place category, with its excellent weather (#8) and low crime rate (#12). The city punches above its weight in restaurants, at #32, and also has a vibrant theater scene, including local troupes and touring Broadway productions, which are sure to thrive once again once social distancing is lifted.