Lancaster | World’s Best Cities


The country’s oldest Amish settlement is here, its members getting around by horse and buggy and living without electricity. Pennsylvania Dutch Country or Red Rose City, as Lancaster is also known, is further distinguished for having been the state capital for a single day, by its 29 covered (or “kissing”) bridges, and the country’s first theater (the 1852 Fulton Opera House), and its central location along the New York–Washington distribution corridor. From architectural styles dating back to the 1700s to modern art galleries, Lancaster ranked #11 in our Culture category. With a #7 spot for Shopping (vintage clothes, country quilts, antiques, contemporary jewellery, and more), it landed in the Top 25 for overall Programming, at #23. Also, It ranked Top 25 for Place, being the 19th-safest midsize city in the nation with some of its most memorable neighborhoods. Manufacturing, food processing (Kellogg Company operates here), finance, and insurance are major employers. So is health care, a sector that’s growing: the Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute is building a new $48-million Proton Center, scheduled to open in late 2021.