Bridgeport | World’s Best Cities


Known as Park City because of its bounty of green space, Bridgeport is a deep-sea port that sits at the mouth of the Pequonnock River as it pours into Long Island Sound. It stands out for its top spot in our vital People category. Its residents are the most educated in the entire nation among midsize cities, with a #1 ranking for Educational Attainment. (More than 18% of its population has a Bachelor’s degree or higher.) It boasts a diverse demographic, standing at #4 for Foreign Born (nearly 30%) residents. Connecticut’s largest city is also a wealthy one, #1 for our Household Income subcategory (with a 2019 median income of $45,441) and #4 for Prosperity overall. And there’s plenty of innovation, too, led by Vineyard Wind, the top U.S. offshore wind supplier. The company is beginning construction on Bridgeport’s Park City Wind as early as 2021. The electricity-generating hub will power 600,000 homes, create close to $1.6 billion in economic benefits, and create as many as 12,000 jobs state-wide while saving residents up to $1.1 billion in energy costs.