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San Francisco

San Francisco has embraced seekers since the Gold Rush days, when, seemingly overnight, people came from Asia and Europe, from across the continent and from the other side of the world for their shot at the California Dream. Along the way, these immigrants have sowed the seeds for the city’s open-minded attitude toward, well, everything. The result is a place that doesn’t just welcome differences, but actually encourages and celebrates them. No wonder it ranks #2 nationally in our People category, including #3 for post-secondary educated residents and #4 for Foreign Born residents. The promise of high salaries means a torrent of global workers fuel the city’s ambition and ideas, ranking it #3 in the nation in our Prosperity category, including #2 for Household Income and #4 for Fortune 500 Companies. Given its well-documented attempt at inclusivity and taking care of its own—from COVID-19 patients to the swelling homeless population. “We’re the city of St. Francis, and if we don’t lead on this, then shame on us,” said Joe D’Alessandro, CEO of San Francisco Travel. “As a DMO we’re taking a leading role on this… looking for small fixes until we can figure it out federally.” With that kind of local support, the city is charging into the current crisis well equipped.