Orlando | World’s Best Cities


Being the largest city in a region that generates more than $60 billion in tourism-related revenue every year gets you plenty of lift from a rising tide. That’s a lot of visitors with a story to tell if you give them the means. Orlando knows how to get people talking.
Its Top 10 ranking in our Promotion category drove its strong large-city ranking among U.S. large cities, including the third-most TripAdvisor reviews of any large city. Orlando plans buzzy product releases with military precision. SeaWorld, for example, brought a beloved world to life with the opening of Sesame Street in March 2019, just in time for the show’s 50th anniversary. Families can explore six acres of the iconic neighborhood, including the famous 123 stoop. Not one to be outdone, LEGOLAND Resort debuted Lego Movie World, one of the largest additions ever made to the park, making it the perfect spot for fans of the popular 2014 film. The city is also expanding its attention beyond family fun. The new Exploria Stadium houses the city’s MLS men’s and women’s teams, with seats for 25,500 fans. Orlando’s Restaurants ranking is also an impressive #12 in the country. As the world’s chefs focus on the opportunity in a place with so many diners on vacation, they’ll open outposts here.