Hartford | World’s Best Cities


With deep roots as an original American town, first as a Connecticut River trading post in 1633 and today one of the country’s most prosperous and well-educated cities, Hartford’s investment in city building is paying off. It’s home to America’s oldest public park, respects visionaries with things like a sculpture park dedicated to Lincoln, and Katharine Hepburn’s grave site. It revels in its role nurturing Mark Twain’s childhood imagination that would fuel the celebrated author for decades. But Hartford doesn’t dwell in the past, either. Ranking #14 in our Prosperity category (including #11 for Household Income and #23 for Fortune 500 companies), this “insurance capital of the world” is investing in its thriving arts and entertainment scene, a revitalized riverfront and even more parks and public gardens. With a #12 ranking for Educational Attainment by its citizenry, it seems like the smart thing to do.