Detroit | World’s Best Cities


Detroit is a city on a long, long roller-coaster ride: it’s been on top of the world, it’s been as low as you can go, and tomorrow will undoubtedly bring both new hills and new thrills. Call it Motor City, the D, Comeback City…they all apply and more. Certainly, Comeback City was appropriate in spring of 2018, when Detroit emerged from bankruptcy, where it had struggled since 2013. And there were encouraging words for the tourism industry—which, before the pandemic, welcomed 19 million visitors annually who spent more than $6 billion. The city even ranks #15 for Instagram Hashtags. The 6.6-mile QLine streetcar—named after Quicken Loans, which bought naming rights—has been operational on the Woodward Corridor for a few years. Yet more than $7 billion in investment has poured into the corridor route since 2013. More than 200 development projects have been completed, are under construction or planned throughout Downtown, Midtown, New Center and the North End. The city’s #13 ranking for Fortune 500 Companies should improve with all the new infrastructure.