Cleveland | World’s Best Cities


There are few American cities with a rebirth story like Cleveland’s. More than 50 years after the Cuyahoga River (in)famously caught fire in 1969, Cleveland today is poised like it hasn’t been since Otis Elevators employed thousands and the town was known as “The City of Champions” thanks to professional sports domination. Consider that, since 2000, the city has been the recipient of an 80% increase in reported millennials living within the city. A huge attribute of this insane rise is the increasingly diversified university and college landscape and the welcoming environment catering to student life. So is a still-healthy number of Fortune 500 companies in town (#23 in the nation) and relatively affordable, plentiful housing stock. Tourists, too, continue to flood in, with 19.2 million—a new record—arriving in 2018. They’re drawn by Cleveland’s compact and revitalized downtown—with its impressive cache of underrated 19th century architecture and stately industrial streetscapes—all walkable and dotted with daring restaurants tucked next to old favorites like Sokolowski’s University Inn, recently lauded as one of the best cafeterias in the country. The city, keen to keep its ascent going, is already positioning for a new COVID-19 reality, and is lauding its access by car and less-crowded sites and landmarks.