Cincinnati | World’s Best Cities


Cincinnati has been simmering just under the surface of national tourism awareness for a few years now, but in 2018 it leapt into the top 10 of the list every place wants to be on. At number 8 on the New York Times 52 Places to Visit in 2018, Cincinnati earned some enviable and well-deserved awareness, particularly for its programming strengths. They ranked high in our report as well: the city is #30 for Culture, #28 for Restaurants and #26 for Nightlife. The architecturally glorious 140-year-old Music Hall is recently reopened and home to the symphony, ballet and opera; it joins an expanded Ensemble Theater Cincinnati and a new home for the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company to give the Over the Rhine neighborhood real cultural chops. The huge interactive fountain facing the Music Hall in Washington Park is an all-ages frolic and a pure pleasure for families day and night. The city ranks #25 for Attractions.