Methodology 2024 - Best Cities

Our Methodology

How we chose the 2024 world’s best cities

Our methodology is a combination of core statistics from 400 global cities and user-generated ratings and reviews.

Resonance interprets this data through the lens of three key factors—Liveability, lovability and prosperity—to define the concept of ‘Place Power® Score’.

Our Methodology

Place Power® Score


We believe that resilient communities and sustainable infrastructure are key to making cities and communities better places to live and visit.


Our proven, internationally recognized research shows that the perceived social vibrancy of a city is not only important to attracting visitors, but a key driver of economic development as well.


We believe that absolute economic results are not enough, and that growth and the opportunities it creates should be as shared and equitable as possible.

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Use your cities ranking data to tell its best story. Our Best Cities Scorecard surfaces your city’s strengths and weaknesses, as perceived by visitors, potential investors, prospective residents and talent. And it does so relative to your competitive set.